Canada's Quest

 Simon B This is the first time in almost 40 years since we've been able to talk about Canada making an impact on the world stage in football (soccer). Not since 1986 has Canada qualified for a World Cup but this year, they have a legitimate shot at going back to the biggest tournament in the world. The journey to Qatar is definitely not an easy one for the Canadians though. They've got daunting tasks ahead of them in this final qualifying stage like playing Mexico, Costa Rica, and the US who are all regulars in the world cup.  In the past, Canada has barely ever even made it to this stage in the competition (final qualifying stage) so just being here feels like a win. But this team is a bit different than others. The Canadians finally have depth and star talent that is recognizable on the world stage. I'm going to make my bid as to why they have a serious shot at making it to Qatar in 2022 and I'm going to base it off on three questions. What Do They Have to Do? This f

The First Half of the F1 2021 season

  Simon B This week is the 30 year anniversary of Michael Schumacher's Formula One Debut. Why not write about F1 since it's been a while and we're at the unofficial midway point in the 2021 season. This has been quite an interesting season so far and there's been a lot of unexpected moments. Here are some things we've learned since the first race in Bahrain on March 28th: Mercedes Are Not Untouchable This Year It's been 7 straight seasons where Mercedes capture both the Driver's and Constructor's championships. Naturally, before the season started most thought that we would get more of the same because they still have the same driver's lineup and it's been domination after domination for almost a decade now.  However, when preseason testing rolled around, Red Bull were the ones with the fastest-looking car and they turned a lot of heads. The Honda-powered RB16 has been blisteringly quick all season and in all honesty, I think it's the best ca

All, or Nothing?

  Simon B Back in January of this year, Amazon and the Maple Leafs decided that they would be doing an in-depth documentary about the Leafs' season titled: "Toronto Maple Leafs: All Or Nothing".  When I heard that news I was really intrigued to see how it would come out. Amazon has done this type of series before with other major sports teams around the world including Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester City, and the LA Rams. I've watched the series about those teams and it's really well done. The behind-the-scenes access that they give you is second to none and you really feel what it's like to be on the rollercoaster that is a professional sports season.  Naturally, when the Leafs announced they'd be doing this, I was really looking forward to it because not only was I going to get to see all the ebbs and flows that the club goes through but I had a feeling that this year, they would finally get over the hump. However, we all know what happened and the excite

On And Off

  Simon B I'm writing this post as a little preview of what's to come. I'm pretty exhausted in all honesty. I've been on vacation for the last week and I will be for the next but I will write this week. Once I come back, however, I will start to write more frequently and prepare to begin writing daily in September. I've got a few projects that I want to get started to link to the blog and I hope to get those up and running as soon as I can.  For now, enjoy the remaining weeks in summer! If you wish to contact me, please head to the sidebar and hit follow while you're there! Also, follow me on Twitter  @sports_slaw  for updates! Thanks for reading!